a neighbor dinner crew

A happy neighbor dinner crew in St Louis. Send a pic of your crew and we’ll share it on our website at www.neighbordinners.com.

What’s your interest? A side? An entree? A dessert? Vegetarian? Holiday? While you can make any of these recipes on your own, the big idea behind neighbor dinners is that you share the shopping and labor burdens – cook with friends!

Use the “ideas” cloud, or the Search box, to the left to find some recipes to make with your friends. You will find:

  • Each recipe is written to make the shopping and cooking delegations as easy as possible.
  • The recipes are presented with ingredients lists divided by meat, dairy, spices, etc so friends can easily choose the ingredients they can bring or buy.
  • The instructions lists are meant to be divided as well, so that you can clearly divide the work among the friends you have gathered and get everything ready at around the same time.

So…search on, cook on, and enjoy.  Share the love.

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